The utility room rethought.
With a laundry sorting and an ergonomically designed washing machine washing becomes a new favourite activity. Cleaning utensils and everyday helpers are well stored, but still ready to hand when needed. Of course, decor and handles can be freely selected.

Fronts: cobalt grey.

Front edges: black

Carcase: cobaltgrey.

Laminate worktop: Sherman oak anthracite.

Journal 2023

New kitchens

Since the beginning of humanity, the hearth has been the nucleus of social life. Family and friends have gathered here for generations to enjoy meals together and to talk about their latest experiences. It is a point of convergence in a turbulent world. Today, the kitchen is no longer merely a place for the senses where food is consumed, but also a space for work, entertainment, indulgence and enjoyment – and it has to meet a variety of individual requirements. A good kitchen represents a focal point in the home, offering bright colours and wonderful aromas.