Cleaning & recycling. The same in green, please!

The versatile cleaning product pull-out is the moder hygiene centre for various cabinet types. Conveniently and quickly installed at the bottom of the cabinet, it has an elegant champagne look with pleasant soft opening and closing and neatly brings your cleaning products forth.

The cleaningAGENT compartments and baskets can be adapted to your sorting preferences with the use of flexible separators. Clever logistics! Everything in its place, and flexible and removable if needed.

Happily separated! Modern, green separation of recyclables is a matter of course in our kitchen. The classic standard is the built-in waste variant, particularly suitable for use in the sink cabinet. The easy-to-clean plastic containers with volumes ranging from 2.5 to 35 l make separation easy.

An intelligent and clean way to store organic waste is the optional and retrofittable inner pull-out with removable trays, installed as a slim inner pull-out over the waste bin.

In addition to the lockable plastic containers, a sweeping set can also be included in wide pull-outs – just in case something misses the target.

And what about the vacuum cleaner? A quickly solved problem for our specially equipped tall cabinet with house maintenance skills. Neatly stowed away and ready for use when needed. The vacuum cleaner is stowed away in the cabinet in a user-friendly manner, the hose is positioned in the guide, dustpans are suspended within easy reach, and the cleaning equipment is neatly arranged in height-adjustable baskets. With a logistically ingenious and modern design, all-metal hook rail, hose holder and champagne-coloured shelves provide a sense of well-being in the cabinet.

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