Inner values. Establishing order!

Do it your way!
It’s all about a holistic approach. When it comes to kitchen planning, we focus on consistency in the colour concept, harmoniously arranged storage space, exquisite fittings, and soft and easy opening with a great deal of design freedom.

What looks so harmonious on the outside also needs to look good on the inside. The onyx grey shelves ensure that the seamless elegance and consistent style are continued inside the cabinet. By the way: Sachsenküchen has the perfect storage solution for the base unit, wall unit, tall unit or corner unit in our extensive range. Delightfully different.

Ordnung 4

One box system, many design opportunities. Whether it’s steel, glass or wood, our drawers meet every possible requirement. With a load capacity of up to 70 kg, a cabinet depth of up to 705 mm and exceptional operating characteristics, these practical drawers are real everyday heroes.

Ordnung 11

Ordnung 10

Drawers. A perfect part of the system!

Ordnung 12

Matt-black wood brings a modern touch to the cutlery tray, which can be divided into various sections.

Spacious! This is how a modern organiser should look. Everything clear, ample space, beautiful appearance. Individual modules for subdivision of all box space bring a sense of order to the drawer. As well as the segment insert, knife blocks, foil holders or spice rack modules are used.


Translucent or onyx-coloured with non-slip textile finish: the robust plastic inserts build on the overall look. With prefabricated inserts for widths of 300 to 1,200 mm and depths of 300 to 650 mm, there is ample space for a large amount of cutlery.

The oak-veneered interior, in four different sizes, is perfect for storing further utensils. The frame design can be continued in the drawer on request.

Ordnung 6


Ordnung 13

Tidiness? Versatility!
The rich diversity of our cutlery inserts and pull-outs is virtually never ending and immense fun. And not limited by a preset grid system. You could say, limitless. The luxury wood containers are true organising talents and not only in a pull-out. Alternatively, flexible plastic frames provide the necessary support.


Ordnung 3

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